NewsTube supports videos from many popular sites including Youtube, Vimeo and Daily Motion. With this video theme, you can submit video from front-end, create great video channels and playlists, or import YouTube Videos and Channels to your website.

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Newstube is also a professional magazine theme for WordPress. Its header navigation, slider, blog and article options let you showcase your featured content and/or images to attract readers.

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powerful magazine theme

NewsTube theme comes with unlimited theme layout variations, dozens of shortcodes, theme options, live post, multi-page posts…

NewsTube is packed with Video Features, Video Channels, Video Playlist, Video Ads, Front-end Submission, Users Subscription…

Powered up by advertising solution (pre-defined ads positions, ads management and shortcode, responsive google adsense), user engagement widgets (trending posts, related posts, live posts, featured posts, post suggestion…), social networks connection.

Responsive design and retina ready, drag & drop page builder, Ajax navigation, SEO optimized, translation-ready, auto update, sample data.
16 demos

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16 demos

16 demos

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Sample data import is fast and easy

WooCommerce supported

Video Ads Plugin included

NEWSTUBE support 2 video importing plugins

modern theme embedded with the latest and most popular features

Update NewsTube with the click of a button using the Envato Toolkit.

modern theme embedded with the latest and most popular features

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newstube top features
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Want to try our members demo? Please login using bellow account information:

  • Account: demo
  • Password: demo


  • Mobile Ready – As mobile reader is booming, we design NewsTube with mobile-first practices so your content can be available to millions of mobile users.
  • Responsive & Retina Ready
  • Latest UI/UX practices
  • Flexible Theme Layouts (Unlimited theme layout variations)
  • 9 Sliders
  • 4 Navigation Styles
  • 7 Blog Styles
  • 5 Article Styles
  • 3 Video Styles
  • Extensive Theme Options (with more than 100 options)
  • Page Builder – Drag & Drop Page Builder (Visual Composer Included) – You save $33
  • Video Channel – Create video channels like YOUTUBE (eg. Music Channel, Sport Channel…) – SEE CHANNEL DEMO
  • Channel Follow and Subscription – Registered users can subscribe to channels to receive latest updates/news/videos in their profile home page. For test, please use Account: demo, Password: demo – Or you can see DEMO OF VIDEO CHANNEL
  • Video Playlist – SEE DEMO
  • Front-end Video Submission – User can submit Videos (and other content: articles/photos) from Front-end. Editor only have to review post before making it live – SEE DEMO
  • WooCommerce supported – Sell anything with NewsTube
  • Youtube import plugin supported. NEWSTUBE supports 3 amazing video importing plugins:
  • Exclusive Features for VIDEOS:
    • Auto Play Video when user visit Video page
    • Auto Load Next Video page when Video finish playing
  • Video Advertising Plugin developed by CactusThemes included – VIDEO ADS – VIDEO AD DEMO
  • Mega Menu: With 3 styles
    • List Style Menu
    • Column Style Menu
    • Preview Mode Menu
  • Smart Sticky Menu – This sticky menu only show up when user start to scroll up
  • Pagination
    • Ajax Loading
    • Standard Pagination
    • Page Pagination
  • Auto-load Next Post – The next post will be loaded when user finish reading one articles so reader will not have to click to go to the next one. For publisher, this feature help increase page view and revenue via Advertising
  • Post Suggestions Widget – Related post will show up on the bottom right conner of the page when reader scroll down in one article – SEE DEMO
  • Auto Scroll Next Post – This feature load the next post when user finish reading and scroll to the end of the page – SEE DEMO
  • Special Post Features
    • List – This smart feature show content in list styles – DEMO
    • Live Post – Article will auto refresh in certain time so your reader will have latest updates of the LIVE EVENT – DEMO
    • Live Comment Post – DEMO
    • Polls Post – Let reader votes on topics – DEMO
  • SEO Ready – We make this theme with Search Engine Friendly Practices in mind. Moreover, this theme can be used with SEO plugin: SEO by Yoast
  • Google Adsense – You only have to input your Ad ID
  • Smart Advertising Features – Responsive ads and responsive Google Adsense – This feature help you show different advertising banners to different screen sizes.
  • Google Fonts & Custom Fonts – Choose from over 700 Google web fonts or use your own custom fonts
  • Smart Content Box – There are 6 content block layouts for you to present your content in magazine style
  • Smart Sticky Sidebar – Main sidebar floating as user scroll down the page
  • Translation Ready – WPML Plugin Support
  • RTL Support – This theme support Right To Left Languages
  • 6 Custom Widgets
    • Popular Posts, Author, Recent Comments, Social Accounts, Suggestion, and Headline
  • Powerful Popular Posts Page Template
  • Featured Posts – Hilight post/article/video that is hot/trendy
  • Member features – To test please login using Account: demo, Password: demo
  • Social Locker plugin compatible – With this feature reader will have to share article before reading it. This feature is very useful especially when you are providing free information/resources to the comunity.
  • Social features: Social Sharing & Social Accounts
  • 17 Useful Short-codes: Smart Content Box, Post Grid, Posts ThumbSlider, Posts Classic Slider, Post Parallax, Post Slider, Live Content, Post Carousel, Testimonials, Compare Table, Download Box, Icon Box, Topic Box, Button, Tooltip, Dropcap, and Divider
  • Topic Box Shortcode – Show same-topic articles in styles
  • Cactus-Rating Plugin integrated
    • Rate by Point
    • Rate by Stars
  • Integrated Plugins – These plugin is packed with NewsTube
    • Cactus-Video plugin integrated
    • Cactus-Channel plugin integrated
    • Cactus-Poll plugin integrated
    • Cactus-Ads plugin
    • NewsTube Shortcodes plugin
  • Create beautiful app-like icon on mobile homescreen
  • Auto Update function
  • 1-click Sample Data
  • Online Documentation – VISIT ONLINE DOCUMENTATION (Offline version is also available in download pack)
  • Free Support: Visit
  • NewsTube - 2016/12/06
    includes Visual Composer 5.0.1
    • #Fix: click Like/Dislike does not change the value immmediately on mobile
  • NewsTube - 2016/11/01
    includes NewsTube-Shortcodes 1.4.10; Cactus-Video; Cactus-Poll
    • #Fix: sidebar settings of Author page
    • #Fix: update translation for Cactus Poll
    • #Update: remove JS Color library, use of default WordPress Color Picker
    • #Update: option to hide "More Posts" section in single post (Theme Options > Single Post)
    • #Update: support short YouTube URL
    • #Update: add URL param to Icon Box shortcode
    • #Add: [newstube_playlist] shortcode
  • NewsTube - 2016/09/23
    includes Visual Composer 4.12.1; NewsTube-Shortcode 1.4.9
    • #Fix: cannot click on Post Title of Parallax Slider
    • #Update: Visual Composer 4.12.1
    • #Update: support Top 10 plugin (to replace BAW plugin)
    • #Update: pause on hover of headline
    • #Add: BAW Addon Optimizer to delete old data from BAW plugin and convert data into Top 10
  • NewsTube - 2016/08/02
    • #Update: Visual Composer 4.12
    • #Update: add Twitter meta tags for post
  • NewsTube - 2016/07/23
    includes Cactus-Ads; Cactus-Poll; Cactus-Video; Cactus-Channel
    • #Fix: unable to install OptimizePress
    • #Update: open full-width image in Light Box if media is set to link to Media File
  • NewsTube 1.5.1 - 2016/05/16
    includes Cactus-Ads; Cactus-Poll; Cactus-Video; NewsTube-Shortcodes; NewsTube-SampleData 1.0 (new)
    • #Fix: Facebok Video doesn't work in Post Layout 3
    • #Fix: order items by passed IDs in shortcode
    • #Update: support WooCommerce 2.5.5
    • #Update: Custom MetaBox library in Cactus Poll and Cactus Ads plugin
    • #Add: a new (better) Sample Data plugin
    • #Add: shortcode [c_cats] to list all categories and tags
  • NewsTube - 2016/05/04
    includes Cactus-Ads; Cactus-Polls; Cactus-Video
    • #Update: Fix CSS issues when using Ads Pro with Cactus-Ads (support 728x90 size only )
    • #Update: Custom Meta Box library in Cactus Poll and Cactus Ads plugins
    • #Fix: error adding new image ads in admin
    • #Fix: DailyMotion video issue in theater layout
    • #Fix: order of items in XGrid shortcode when using IDs parameter
  • NewsTube - 2016/04/22
    includes Visual Composer;
    • #Fix: thumbnail images are missing on mobile
  • NewsTube 1.5 - 2016/04/14
    includes Visual Composer 4.11.2; Cactus-Video 1.4.9; NewsTube-Shortcodes; Cactus-Ads 2.5.1
    • #Fix: incorrect rating point in Video Playlist
    • #Fix: bugs in auto-load next post feature
    • #Fix: some RTL issues
    • #Fix: Ads in Trash are still used
    • #Update: WordPress 4.5 compatibility
    • #Update: allow to use shortcodes inside an Ads
    • #Update: support Nelio External Featured Image plugin
    • #Update: use of native WordPress Responsive Image
    • #Update: option to turn off wide layout for Featured Posts
  • NewsTube 1.4.10 - 2016/03/21
    includes Visual Composer 4.11.1; Cactus-Polls-; Cactus-Video 1.4.8; NewsTube-Shortcodes
    • #Fix: incorrect author's email
    • #Fix: cannot use poll in widgets
    • #Fix: support Google Adsense https
    • #Fix: RTL bugs
    • #Update: add offset parameter to SCB shortcode
    • #Update: support JW Player 7 (
  • NewsTube 1.4.9 - 2016/02/17
    includes Visual Composer 4.10; Cactus-Ads 2.5; Cactus-Video 1.4.7; NewsTube-Shortcodes 1.4.8
    • #Fix: fail to enqueue shortcodes.css
    • #Fix: Ads appear in search results
    • #Update: option to show a Share Popup when video finishes
    • #Update: improve live comment feature (faster, do not use PHP Session)
    • #Update: option to list More Videos in same Playlist
    • #Update: option to sort items by provided tag in Grid shortcode
  • NewsTube 1.4.8 - 2016/02/02
    includes Cactus-Video 1.4.6; Cactus-Ads 2.4.2; Visual Composer 4.9.2
    • #Fix: Cactus Ads message hides other WordPress Admin messages
    • #Fix: conflicts with FV WordPress FlowPlayer plugin
    • #Update: support FlowPlayer 6 -
  • NewsTube 1.4.7 - 2016/01/27
    includes NewsTube-Shortcodes 1.4.7; Cactus-Poll 1.2.2
    • #Fix: fix text
    • #Update: sample data and online document URL
    • #Update: Admin can see Poll Votes result
    • #Update: default values for shortcodes
  • NewsTube - 2016/01/11
    • #Fix: update document link in Welcome page
  • NewsTube 1.4.6 - 2016/01/09
    include Visual Composer 4.9.1; Cactus-Ads 2.4.1; NewsTube-Shortcodes 1.4.6
    • #Fix: cannot set random ads
    • #Fix: incorrect author of related posts
    • #Update: add link target for Tooltip shortcode
    • #Update: child theme
    • #Fix: set default value for Posts Grid paramters
  • NewsTube 1.4.5 - 2015/12/09
    include Visual Composer 4.9; NewsTube-Shortcodes 1.4.5; NewsTube-Video 1.4.5
    • #Fix: Custom Social Accounts do not open new tab
    • #Fix: CSS bugs
    • #Fix: string translation
    • #Fix: upload background image for category
    • #Fix: cannot turn of YouTube full screen mode
    • #Update: support WooCommerce 2.4.10
    • #Update: NewsTube-Carousel to work with Tabs
    • #Update: improve queries
  • NewsTube 1.4.4 - 2015/11/13
    include NewsTube-Shortcodes 1.4.4, Visual Composer 4.8.1
    • #Fix: text is cut off in ThumbSlider shortcode
    • #Fix: Category Tag color in ThumbSlider shortcode doesn't work
  • NewsTube 1.4.3 - 2015/10/30
    include Video-Ads 2.4.1; Visual Composer 4.8.1
    • #Fix: CSS bugs
    • #Fix: remove Video Ads single page
    • #Update: increase Like count right after liking
  • NewsTube 1.4.2 - 2015/10/22
    includes Cactus-Video 1.4.2; Video-Ads 2.4; Cactus-Poll 1.2.2
    • #Update: Video-Ads 2.4 & Cactus-Video 1.4.2 to support self-hosted videos
    • #Fix: translation in Cactus-Poll
  • NewsTube 1.4.1 - 2015/10/12
    includes Cactus-Video 1.4.1; NewsTube-Shortcodes 1.4.1
    • #Fix: Post Submission Form does not work in some cases
    • #Fix: missing Javascript library for Smart Content Box shortcode
    • #Update: add param "speed" for testimonial shortcode
    • #Update: show PlayList and Channel columns in admin for posts
  • NewsTube 1.4 - 2015/10/06
    update Visual Composer 4.7.4 (security fixes)
  • NewsTube 1.4 - 2015/10/02
    includes NewsTube-Shortcodes 1.4; Cactus-Ads 2.3.3; Cactus-Videos 1.4; Visual Composer 4.7.2;
    • #Fix: images are not loaded in Smart List post
    • #Fix: Compare Table shortcode CSS
    • #Fix: improve HTML & CSS
    • #Fix: Google Ads loses few pixels in Widget Text
    • #Fix: missing ImageLoaded library in single page
    • #Update: Video Ads 1.4 to support random/multiple ads in single video
    • #Add: New Sample Data import feature
  • NewsTube 1.3.1 - 2015/09/16
    • #Fix: RTL issues
    • #Fix: Testimonial shortcode does not auto-scroll
    • #Fix: cannot remove Custom Social Accounts in User
    • #Update: Visual Composer 4.7.1
  • NewsTube 1.3 - 2015/09/09
    includes Cactus-Video 1.3; Cactus-Channel 1.3; NewsTube-Shortcodes 1.3
    • #Fix: Mega Menu is broken if there is more than one submenui in Preview mode
    • #Fix: remove favicon options in Theme Options (use of WP SiteIcon feature instead
    • #Fix: WWW-url redirect doesn't work in homepage (update plugins)
    • #Fix: CSS issue in Tab widget
    • #Fix: Image appearance in iPad
    • #Fix: option to turn on/off Search icon doesn't work
    • #Fix: [scb] shortcode without default values
    • #Add: Multilink feature (update Cactus-Video plugin)
  • NewsTube 1.2.1 - 2015/09/03
    includes Cactus-Poll 1.2.1; Visual Composer 4.7
    • #Fix: improve shop css
    • #Fix: improve css
    • #Fix: remove Poll direct link in admin
    • #Fix: image resize in content editor does not work
    • #Update: add option to change number of columns in Shop Listing page
    • #Update: add option to set custom background for Page
  • NewsTube 1.2 - 2015/08/27
    includes NewsTube-shortcodes 1.2; Cactus-Video 1.2; Cactus-Channel 1.2; Cactus-Poll 1.2
    • #Fix: pagination doesn't work
    • #Fix: translation
    • #Fix: setting image background doesn't work on FireFox
    • #Fix: sticky sidebar works incorrectly if Google Ads is used in sidebar
    • #Fix: minor css issues
    • #Update: improve poll results layout
    • #Update: remove Auto Update feature, use of Envato WordPress Toolkiet plugin instead
    • #Update: remove favicon feature, use of default WP 4.3 instead
    • #Update: support WordPress 4.3
    • #Update: option to move Post Title to above feature image/video player
    • #Update: support shortcodes in Text widget
    • #Update: support WooCommerce 2.4.6
  • NewsTube 1.1.1 - 2015/08/14
    includes NewsTube-Shortcodes 1.1.1
    • #Fix: css issues
    • #Fix: link on Background Image does not work
    • #Fix: custom social accounts do not appear in About Author
    • #Fix: warning error in NewsTube-Shortcodes plugin
    • #Update: NewsTube-Popular Posts widget to show latest posts if no popular posts found
    • #Update: Theme Options > General > Theme Layout > Sticky Menu behavior
    • #Update: add VK Share button
  • NewsTube 1.1 - 2015/08/08
    includes NewsTube-Shortcodes 1.1; Easy-Tab-Widget plugin
    • #Fix: support Google Structured Data snippet
    • #Update: improve CSS and performance
    • #Update: option to choose Image Size in Smart Content Box
    • #Update: option to add link to heading of Smart Content Box
    • #Update: option to change color of Widget heading
    • #Update: option to add link to Divider shortcode
    • #Update: Popular Posts Widget style 2
    • #Update: support Facebook Comment
    • #Add: NewsTube-Tabs shortcode (to support Smart Content Box)
    • #Add: Tabbed Widget plugin
    • #Add: Video Report feature
  • #NewsTube 1.0.2 - 2015-August-4th
    includes Cactus-Ads 2.3.2; Cactus-Video 1.0.2; NewsTube-Shortcodes 1.0.2; Cactus-Channel 1.0.2; Cactus-Poll-1.0.1; Visual Composer 4.6.2
    • #Fix: Video Ads issues
    • #Fix: minor bugs
    • #Fix: support SSL
    • #Update: improve CSS
    • #Update: improve responsiveness on mobile devices
    • #Update: improve performance, optimize Image Sizes (need to re-generate thumbnails)
  • #NewsTube 1.0.1 - 2015-July-27th
    includes Cactus-Ads 2.3.1; Cactus-Video 1.0.1; NewsTube-Shortcodes 1.0.1
    • #Fix: CSS issues
    • #Fix: bugs with child themes
    • #Update: improve Video Ads features
    • #Update: improve loading issues
  • #NewsTube 1.0 - First release - 2015-July-23rd