VideoPro is a Premium Video WordPress Theme

This theme is made by CactusThemes, a well-known premium themes creator. The company is a leading WordPress developer by the value it brings. Not only beautiful, its themes are also functional that solve real-life problems by providing complete solution for trouble.
VideoPro – an outstanding theme of Cactustheme is the most powerful WordPress theme for video-based websites. It is built upon our True Mag theme – one of the biggest video themes on market and trusted by more than 3000 site owners to host hundred thousands of videos.

VideoPro has many unique features which help you to build any kind of video websites.

Tons of features of VideoPro are waiting for you to explore.

VideoPro 2.0 – The most powerful update with membership features

VideoPro 2.0 – a powerful video wordpress theme includes all the features you have been waiting for to build a community and sell your premium content. No other themes have done this before and we are as excited as you are.

Build your own video community: Members can create their own channels and playlists from Front-End Subscribe Authors and Channels.

WPMU Membership 2 Integration: Sell memberships and premium content with this feature.

BuddyPress Intergration: Follow members’ activities through notifications.

a comprehensive solution for a video wordpress site

Front End Video Submit Content Submit: Let users submit video and other content from Front end. This content will be published on your approval.

Various Video Network supported: Use direct link from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, Twitch, or all kinds of embedded link and direct link.

Video Series: You can build your own movie or film database with multi-episode Video series.

Video Playlist: Create and manag video playlists easily.

Video channel: Setup channels of videos, just like Video Channel on Youtube.

Live Video: Catch the future of live videos, beautiful live video layout.

Import Videos from YouTube, Vimeo’s channels: Supports CCB and Automatic plugins – You can import al videos from Youtube & Vimeo channels with a few clicks.

Floating Video Player: Watch video while browsing other content or scrolling down.

Video Actors and Actresses: Show Actors/ Actress releated to one video and also list all video from Actors/ Actress.

Front End Video Submit Content Submit

Video networks support

video serious

video playlist

live video

import videos from youtube, vimeo

Floating video player

video actors and actresses

Other quality features:

2 Header Layouts and 2 Color Schemas, Child Theme for Poster Size, 5 Widget Styles, 3 Page Layouts, 3 Blog Layouts, 2 Video Layouts, Ajax Search, Affiliate Features and so much more features.

header layout and color schemas

widget styles

page layouts

video layouts

ajax search

affiliate features

Check out VideoPro’s full features list beflow

  • Submit Video/Post: allow visitors to submit posts
  • Various Video Network supported: use direct link from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, Twitch, supports all kinds of embed link or direct link
  • Video Series: build a movie database with mult-episode series
  • Video Playlist: create a video playlist easily
  • Video Channel: setup channels of videos
  • Live Video supported: catch the future of live videos
  • Import Videos from YouTube, Vimeo’s channels: support CCB and Automatic plugins
  • Floating Player: watch video while browsing other content
  • Video Actors: promote movie stars
  • Video Screenshots: view video screenshots before watching
  • Video Lightbox: watch video without opening new page
  • Multi-links
  • Support Social Locker: earn likes and shares for your content
  • Video Player logic: extend your video player functions, such as adding rolling Ads
  • Filter Videos and Advance Search feature: filter videos based on various conditions
  • Video Rating: allow admin and users to rate content
  • Watch Later: allow users to add videos to Watch Later list
  • External Link: promote affiliated content with External Link
  • Tons of video-related features
  • Customizable: change color, typo, background for every part of the page
  • Advertisement: offer various pre-defined locations to place ads
  • Membership features
  • Download Video: a small button for a big job
  • Ajax search: instant search content
  • Support Age Verify plugin: verify your audience’s age for adult content
  • Cactus Landing page a simple plugin to manage Opening Soon or Maintenance mode
  • SoundCloud customization: customize SoundCloud player easily
  • Powerful shortcodes: Smart Content Box and Posts Slider
  • Hundreds of theme options
  • 5 widget styles
  • Ajax loading content, optimized speed
  • 3 Page Layout: wide, inbox, full-width
  • 2 Header Layouts and 2 Color Schemas
  • 3 Blog Layouts
  • 2 Video Layouts
  • Very detail document with advanced Ajax Search: Online Document


Everything is so feature rich with this theme and the support is 5 star. Incorporating Easy Digital Downloads & Marketplace would be a good idea to give your audience a place to sell their own videos meanwhile getting commission from sales. Just an idea though :)



VideoPro is feature rich, I can tell that good design thinking went through creating it! Beside the above, one thing that I am amazed with is their 7 star customer support!



Wahou. This theme is absolutely perfect. I highly recommend it. Thanks to the support I was able to obtain the result identical to what I wanted. It is powerful opens up great possibility. No longer hesitate you will be obligatorily satisfied. Thanks again to the author and to the support



Finally! I've found the good , more than standard Video platform Themes. Fully Recommended!!! Customer support is really amazing. They're really give time to support and understand customer needs.



The best video theme on the planet! Customer support is great...I had a few issues with demo data and they got me up and running!



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  • VideoPro 2.0.8 - 2017/04/12
    includes Cactus-Video; VideoPro-Shortcodes; Cactus-Actor; Visual Composer 5.1.1
    • #Update: Support WooCommerce 3.0.1
    • #Update: Option to upload small category thumbnail image
    • #Fix: Warning messages and deprecated functions
    • #Fix: Incorrect datetime in Posts Slider layout 7
    • #Fix: Cannot edit video (from front-end) if permalink structure is not %postname%
    • #Fix: unable to click Save in the first time when adding shortcode (in VC Editor)
    • #Fix: Number of subscribers is always 0 in Channels Listing Compact Mode
  • VideoPro 2.0.7 - 2017/03/23
    includes Cactus-Video 2.0.7; VideoPro-Shortcodes 1.2.1; Visual Composer 5.1
    • #Add: Option to turn off Channel Subscription
    • #Add: Posts Slider can display Actors
    • #Add: Option to only show Channels and Playlists of current uploader in Submission Form
    • #Update: Improve UX on mobile - Touch to scroll will not trigger openning single post anymore
    • #Update: Compatible with Everlight Photo Gallery plugin
    • #Fix: Visual Composer 5.1
    • #Fix: JW Player doesnot work when using Image Header option for video post
    • #Fix: BuddyPress Notification Bubble shows info for all visitors in profile page
    • #Fix: Video Edit page layout breaks at screen width 1281-1366
  • VideoPro 2.0.6 - 2017/03/06
    includes Cactus-Video 2.0.6; VideoPro-Shortcodes 2.0.6; Cactus-Ads; VideoPro-Child-Theme-Poster 1.0.1
    • #Fix: Statistics of HTML ads does not work
    • #Fix: Margin Top of main body in Category page is too big when it does not have thumbnail
    • #Fix: Mega Menu works with Tag menu item
    • #Fix: Child Theme Poster Size - size of post thumbnails in Related Posts section
    • #Update: Quick & Bulk Edit Post Channels and Playlists
  • VideoPro - 2017/02/06
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus-Ads
    • #Fix: Cover image in BuddyPress profile page does not show
    • #Fix: cannot open full-screen Facebook Video
    • #Fix: warning errors in Membership sign up page
    • #Fix: Video Ads doesn't show up when Video Header option is Thumbnail Image
    • #Fix: HTML iframe Ads doesn't show up (should not use a Video Iframe in Video Ads)
    • #Fix: option to show Post Likes button to be separated from Social Sharing option
    • #Fix: cannot change Video Player Background Color
    • #Add: option to show BuddyPress notification bubble on header (in Theme Options > BuddyPress)
  • VideoPro - 2017/02/06
    includes Cactus-Video; VideoPro-Shortcodes;
    • #Fix: unable to open Lightbox Player on mobile
    • #Fix: sidebar setting for Shop page
    • #Fix: using incorrect self-hosted video player for Posts Slider with inline player
    • #Fix: Channels and Playlists does not list all in video Submit Form
    • #Fix: css issues
    • #Update: language file
  • VideoPro - 2017/01/25
    includes Cactus-Video; VideoPro-Shortcodes;
    • #Fix: Layout Switch Tool in category page doesn't work properly
    • #Fix: draft posts appear in Category page
    • #Fix: JW Player 7 issues with Posts Slider shortcode using inline and lightbox player mode
    • #Update: support Autoplay feature of JW Player 7 Premium version
    • #Update: add Gallery and Audio icon for appropriate post formats
  • VideoPro - 2016/12/29
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus-Actor
    • #Update: only admin can mark an user "verified"
    • #Update: support Video Resolution toggle for JW Player 7
    • #Fix: missing "Search Results for..." in breadcrumbs
    • #Fix: translate text in admin of Cactus Actor plugin
    • #Fix: Ajax loading issue in single Playlist
  • VideoPro - 2016/12/24
    includes Cactus-Video; Advance-Search-Form; VideoPro-SampleData 1.3
    • #Fix: issues with Force Using JWPlayer for YouTube videos
    • #Fix: incorrect Video Duration when using YouTube WP Plugin to import videos
    • #Fix: require choosing Categories in Contact Form 7 - Submission form
    • #Fix: incorrect next/prev videos when time format is not standard
    • #Update: sample data for V2
    • #Update: lazy load background image
    • #Update: sanitize search input value to security
    • #Update: show Like/Dislike buttons for standard posts
  • VideoPro - 2016/12/15
    includes Cactus-Video;
    • #Fix: link to comments section
    • #Fix: conflict with Captcha field in Post Submission form
    • #Fix: bulk edit - adding videos to series
    • #Fix: ajax pagination in Channels Listing page - WP 4.7 issue
    • #Update: support Contact Form 4.6
    • #Add: option to set height for popup form
    • #Add: option to close popup form when clicking outside content
  • VideoPro 2.0.5 - 2016/12/09
    includes Cactus-Video 2.0.5; Cactus-Actor
    • #Fix: Carousel Slider in RTL on IE browser
    • #Fix: auto-next feature for YouTube videos
    • #Fix: various issues
    • #Fix: cannot close Floating Video if Video Header is Thumbnail
    • #Fix: RTL issues
    • #Update: correct comments link when Disqus is used
    • #Update: show views, likes, comments count in Popular Posts Widget based on condition
    • #Update: WordPress 4.7 support
    • #Add: Channel Thumbnail option, to upload Channel Thumbnail
    • #Add: option to print out video meta tags, support Google Search Results
    • #Add: option to mark Channel, Actor and Author "verified"
  • VideoPro 2.0.4 - 2016/12/06
    includes Cactus-Video 2.0.4;
    • #Fix: adding videos to series using Quick Edit doesn't work
    • #Fix: Twitter meta tags
    • #Fix: drag and drop file in Front-end Post Submission, using GravityForms
    • #Fix:do not refresh after uploading videos
    • #Update: support Category, Playlist, Channel dropdown in GravityForms
    • #Update: order of videos in Actor and Playlist page changes to DESC
    • #Update: support deLucks SEO plugin
    • #Update: languge file
  • VideoPro 2.0.3 - 2016/11/30
    includes Cactus-Video 2.0.3; VideoPro-Shortcodes; Visual Composer 5.0.1
    • #Fix: option to hide view count doesn't work in standard posts
    • #Fix: param Column of Authors Listing shortcode doesn't work
    • #Fix: Ajax pagination doesn' work in Channel and Author pages
    • #Fix: "Agreement" checkbox in Creating Channel form doesn't require
    • #Update: Option to turn on/off Public Profile menu item
    • #Update: Option to add Register menu item
    • #Update: language files
  • VideoPro 2.0.2 - 2016/11/21
    includes Cactus-Video 2.0.2; VideoPro-Shortcodes; Cactus-Ads; Advance Search Form
    • #Fix: incorrect Back link when going to Edit Video page from Public Profile
    • #Fix: Tag suggestion of Advance Search Form
    • #Fix: option to hide comments count in Single Video page
    • #Fix: when creating first playlist in channel, it does not appear
    • #Fix: missing Edit Playlist button
    • #Fix: https issue with Google Reponsive Ad shortcode
    • #Update: add Delete link in Edit Popup of Channel and Playlist for quick action
    • #Update: improve RTL and language files
    • #Update: able to select Ads from dropdown
    • #Update: option to change Categories, Channels, Playlists checkbox and radio group into Dropdown
    • #Update: add option to Force Using JWPlayer for YouTube videos
    • #Update: add filter to change number of videos in single actor page (
    • #Update: support hierarchical layout in Categories widget
    • #Update: add option to set default status for User-Generated Content in Video Extensions > Membership Settings
  • VideoPro 2.0.1 - 2016/11/11
    includes Cactus-Video 2.0.1; VideoPro-Shortcodes
    • #Fix: checking incorrect post format in SCB shortcodes
    • #Fix: set default value for Delay Before Auto-Next
    • #Update: option to disable Video Ads for a specific Membership
    • #Update: support entering Video Duration for self-hosted videos
    • #Update: Visual Composer 5.0
    • #Update: language files of plugins
  • VideoPro 2.0 - 2016/11/07
    includes Cactus-Videos 2.0; VideoPro-Shortcodes 1.2; Cactus-Actors 1.1;
    • #Fix: issues with Video Duration
    • #Fix: Watched Later template
    • #Fix: various bugs
    • #Update: adding Twitter Metadata
    • #Update:adding Customg Social Accounts for Actor
    • #Update: support Short YouTube URL (
    • #Update: adding Random condition for SCB shortcode
    • #Add: Membership features
    • #Add: support WPMU Membership 2 plugin
    • #Add: support BuddyPress
  • VideoPro - 2016/10/27
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus-Actors; VideoPro-Shortcodes 1.1.1
    • #Fix: lost of Hamburger Menu icon on Sticky Menu when Search Box is hidden
    • #Fix: pagination of single Channel, Playlist and Actor pages
    • #Fix: saving password fail in themed profile of Theme My Login
    • #Update: support Nelio External Featured Image plugin
  • VideoPro - 2016/10/25
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus-Actors 1.0.4; Advance Search Form
    • #Fix: Search Results sidebar setting does not change as in Theme Options
    • #Fix: various CSS bugs
    • #Update: language files of theme and plugins
    • #Update: Font Awesome 4.7
    • #Update: Add Website and IMDB data to Actor
    • #Update: filters to translate characters of Actors Listing page
  • VideoPro 1.3.1 - 2016/10/15
    include Cactus-Video; Cactus-Actor; Cactus-Ads 2.5.4; Advance Search Form
    • #Fix: update RTL issues
    • #Fix: update language file
    • #Fix: minor css issues
    • #Fix: Video Ads to repeat ad and support self-hosted video
    • #Update: support GravityForms for Posts Submission feature
    • #Add: Light on/off feature
  • VideoPro 1.3 - 2016/10/03
    include Cactus-Video 1.5.4; Cactus-Actor 1.0.3; VideoPro-Shortcodes 1.1; VideoPro-SampleData 1.2; Cactus-Ads 2.5.3
    • #Fix: layout settings in Channel Listing and Author Listing page templates
    • #Fix: auto-play self-hosted video in playlist
    • #Update: options to control order of videos in Video Series (Video Extensions > Video Series)
    • #Update: support Auto Next for self-hosted videos
    • #Update: improve RTL
    • #Update: able to choose Video File from media library
    • #Update: use of WP Color Picker instead of JSColor. Fix VC Design Options saving issue
    • #Update: sample data to create demo home pages
    • #Update: Smart Content Box shortcode to add Time Range condition
    • #Update: language file
    • #Update: include recommended plugins in the theme, so they can be installed at once
    • #Add: Dark schema option for body content (Theme Options > Theme Layout)
    • #Add: a Go To Top button (Theme Options > General)
  • VideoPro - 2016/09/23
    include Cactus-Video; Cactus-Shortcode 1.0.5
    • #Fix: layout bugs in RTL mode
    • #Fix: auto-play setting of video in playlist doesn't work
    • #Fix: sidebar setting in Author page layout
    • #Fix: localize date format of Recommended Series widget
    • #Update: option to show/hide View Count in Smart Content Box shortcode
  • VideoPro 1.2.3 - 2016/09/15
    include Cactus-Video 1.5.3; Cactus-Ads 2.5.2
    • #Fix: cannot fetch video data on some servers (allow_url_fopen = 0)
    • #Fix: Video Ads does not work with Vimeo videos
    • #Fix: incorrect Video Duration display
    • #Update: support GDrive Video URL (in Video File property)
    • #Update: add option to get more videos by Same Channel
    • #Update: add option to auto-fetch data for User Submitted Posts
    • #Update: increase width for column Title in admin Posts Listing
  • VideoPro 1.2.2 - 2016/09/09
    include Cactus-Video 1.5.2
    • #Fix: "Channels contain this video" and "Playlists contain this video" boxes list all items when post does not belong to any channels/playlists
    • #Fix: Prev/Next buttons and More Video items are not synchronized
    • #Update: option to play video directly on Facebook when sharing
    • #Update: Visual Composer 4.12.1
  • VideoPro 1.2.1 - 2016/09/05
    include Cactus-Video 1.5.1; Cactus-Shortcodes 1.0.4; VideoPro-SampleData 1.1
    • #Fix: SCB shortcode does not filter by tag
    • #Fix: multi-links appear twice in Playlist Mode
    • #Fix: Hide Author setting does not work in Video Post
    • #Fix: SCB shortcode does not hide Excerpt in second pages
    • #Fix: Order By custom data (views, likes, comments, rating) does not work if posts do not have init value
    • #Update: compress default theme images to save KBs
    • #Update: option to show/hide channel metadata in Top Channels widget
    • #Update: minor optimization
    • #Add: Child Theme with Light Footer Schema
    • #Add: option to only allow Spam Report when logged in
  • VideoPro - 2016/09/03
    include Cactus-Ads; Cactus-Video; Cactus-Actors 1.0.2
    • #Fix: pagination in Channel's Videos Listing and Playlists Listing doesn't work
    • #Update: support use of link format
    • #Update: filter to change Footer schema (from .dark-div to others)
    • #Update: update Top Authors and Channel Listing to show metadata
    • #Update: optimize code
    • #Update: optimize Smart Content Box layout 1 to improve image loading
    • #Add: Side Ads for full-width Video Player
    • #Add: Authors Listing page template and shortcode
  • VideoPro - 2016/08/29
    include Cactus-Ads; Cactus-Video; Advance-Search-Form
    • #Fix: incorrect number of videos in Channel Listing shortcode
    • #Fix: page template Watch Later does not work correct when list is empty
    • #Fix: some warning messages in Advance Search Form widget
    • #Fix: some minor changes in language text
    • #Fix: Thumbnail Image header doesn't work in Inbox layout
    • #Update: move Vimeo CDN Script in Cactus Ads to shortcode inline, so it only loads when needed
  • VideoPro - 2016/08/27
    include Cactus-Ads; Cactus-Converter 1.0.1
    • #Fix: Theme Options > Custom CSS does not work
    • #Update: allow to play Video Ads on mobile
    • #Update: improve Cactus Convert messages
  • VideoPro 1.2 - 2016/08/25
    include Advance-Search-Form 1.4.9; VideoPro-Shortcodes 1.0.2; Cactus-Video 1.5
    • #Fix: Posts Slider style 1 does not autoplay
    • #Fix: incorrect thumbnail sizes in some shortcodes
    • #Fix: to search published posts only in Ajax Search
    • #Update: improve Ajax Search style
    • #Update: able to submit posts to channel or playlist
    • #Update: new Single Video header - option to show Featured Image instead of player
    • #Update: Copyright Text to support HTML
    • #Add: Watch Later feature
    • #Add: External Link feature - for affiliaters!
  • VideoPro - 2016/08/20
    includes Cactus-Ads, Cactus-Video
    • #Update: option to change the word "video" in category page
    • #Fix: Video Ads bug which the ad does not work
  • VideoPro 1.1 - 2016/08/19
    • #Update: support WooCommerce
    • #Fix: small CSS issues
  • VideoPro 1.0.1 - 2016/08/18
    • #Fix: Slider layout issues on FireFox
    • #Fix: small CSS issues
  • VideoPro 1.0.0 - First Release - 2016/08/16